Monday, March 10, 2008


Why full circle? Because as of this week, we now have this season's Top 12 hopefuls for that coveted spot as the next American Idol. This is the reason why they even started this search - to come to this point; to find out who is the best.

I'm very happy to know that my bets are still included in the list. This week we say adios to Luke Menard, Danny Noriega, Asia'h Epperson, and Kady Malloy. I was somewhat disappointed that Noriega and Epperson got voted off. They're not great singers but they sure are better than the others who should have been voted off. Anyway, it's also a popularity contest aside from being a singing contest (take Sanjaya as evidence)

Here's the list of those who made it to the Top 12:
*Amanda Overmyer
* Brooke White
* Carly Smithson
* Chikezie Eze
* David Archuleta
* David Cook
* Danny Hernandez
* Jason Castro
* Kristy Lee Cook
* Michael Johns
* Ramiele Malubay
* Syesha Mercado

So there you have it. It's time to move on to the bigger stage at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. If you're from the US and you are reading this, please, please, I beg of you ... please vote for my favorites: Ramiele Malubay, David Archuleta, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, Syesha Mercado, and Danny Hernandez. Thanks!

Full circle because Celine is already dead. It's a very sad ending to the Celine-JB love story I'm not a big fan of Maging Sino Ka Man (roughly translated as Whoever you are) but that episode was a real tear-jerker.

There are so many things to blog about but I guess since I'm in my parents' place, my blogging time would be limited. I'm only sharing with my dad's PC. If he needs it, I have to go.

I also wouldn't be able to play online games. It's Lenten season, no online games installed on my dad's pc, so I guess my ass can rest hahaha.

Oh yeah, by the way, I have a new PC. Thanks to my sis and bro for the help picking the peripherals needed, we were able to build a cool PC in PC Corner. Argh. I'm far from my new PC. I won't be able to use it again for about 2 weeks I guess.

I have to sacrifice buying a PSP for that new PC :( I went to my cousin's place today, he has a PSP and he has Naruto installed! Dang it's Naruto!. NA-R-U-T-O. I guess I can buy a PSP when I already have a job. If my CRT did not die on me, I might have been able to buy a PSP, Oh well... i'm tired ... till next time. Ciao!

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