Friday, February 01, 2008 - Outsource your life:

This is a cool website. Imagine people doing your task. If you want someone to have your toilet bowl cleaned, post it as a task, and wait for people to bid on that task so they can do it for you. This is only available in the US. I once saw on TV someone who was totally clueless as to how he was going to setup his TiVo. What he did, because basically the only techy thing he could do is use his PC and surf the net, he posted his problem as a task on this website and viola! Somebody who is an expert in TiVo installation came to the rescue.

Here are some tasks posted by random members:
* Clean up yard
* Cut tree branch
* Pet sitting
* Refinish antique desk & chair
* Lighting fixture & pot rack installation
* Handyman services
among many others.

How I wish we have that here in the Philippines ... well, guess not. We're not that dumb and busy

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