Saturday, February 16, 2008


Now it's official -- no more rumors, even though the rumors were correct :) Hollywood week of the American Idol season 7 has finally ended and we now have the top 24. Hollywood week this season was completely different from previous seasons. For one, there is no more group performances, which I think is a real pain in the "B." Hollywood week was all about solo performances. A first in Idol history, during the first round of elimination, the hopefuls were allowed to use instruments during their performances. Some used the keyboards, one used drums, several others used guitars, and still others just relied on their voices. During the first round, if the judges think their performance was good enough, they will automatically advance to the third round, which would be the elimination for the top 50. However, if the judges think that you didn't do well, you can still have a chance by advancing to the second round, wherein they would have to sing in a capellla. The second round is a do-or-die round. If you're not good enough, it's the end of the road. If the judges think you have what it takes, they will let you advance.

Ok now, the third round ... on this round, the contestants would have to sing a song out of a list of 200. They have to choose one. Another Idol first, is that a full band, complete with three background singers would accompany the contestant during his/her performance -- pretty much like the setup for the Top 24 elimination. This is also a do-or-die round. If you do well, you'll advance to the Top 50. This is where it gets hard for the judges. Out of the chosen 50, they have to deliberate as to who will have the chance to be included in the Top 24 and advance to the live performances next week.

Ok, to make the long story short, remember the rumored top 24 from my previous post? Well, they are indeed the official top 24. I would just like to make a correction regarding my last post, since we were all in a blur, the photos of the supposedly top 24 taken by some paparazzi(?) were in fact photos of the top 50 on their way to the elimination for the top 24. So anyway, here are the top 24 contestants for American Idol Season 7:

Now if you want to see clips of the top 24 contestants during the Hollywood week, you can view them on the following videos (some contestants didn't have any performance videos, sorry you can only see them on one video) plus you can also click on their names to see their bio on

* Garrett Haley, Kady Malloy, Chikezie Eze, Amy Jean Davis, Alaina Whitaker, Jason Yeager

* Jason Castro, Luke Menard, Alexandréa Lushington

* Danny Norriega

* David Cook

* David Hernandez

* Michael Johns

* Robbie Carrico

* Colton Berry

* David Archuleta

* Kristy Lee Cook

* Amanda Overmyer

* Joanne Borgella

* Brooke White

* Syesha Mercado

* Asia'h Epperson

* Carly Smithson

... and finally, a FILIPINA on the Idols season 7 ... presenting ...

* Ramiele Malubay

Well, there you go ... the official Top 24 for the American Idol Season 7. Please, please, if you're from the US and are reading this, please support my favorites on my behalf. Please support Ramiele Malubay, David Archuleta, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, David Hernandez, and Syesha Mercado -- in order of preference. Although I have not listened to the other contestants yet, these would be my favorites so far.

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