Thursday, September 15, 2005


... waaa another day of total waste...

... i still haven't taken the special exam in OB... wonder where the hell Yasmin is... she's been MIA for two consecutive days already (well, i don't have any idea if she went to school last monday)... when oh when am i going to take that exam???

... Genine is a "no-show" as well for our CCM... her mom was buried last saturday so i don't see why she has to absent herself from work today...

... Skills lab was a total bore... female catheterization... blah...

... yey! i went to see The Brothers Grimm it was a fun movie... Heath Ledger was cute in a childish, naive way. he did great in that movie... Matt Damon was ok... he was funny when he screams hehehe... the visual effects were superb... jack and the beanstalk is not from the Grimm brothers, though. some of the fairy tales i've noticed from the movie were:
* Rapunzel
* Snow White
* Cinderella
* Rumpelstiltskin
* The Gingerbread Man
* Hansel and Grethel
* Little red Riding Hood (Little Red Cape)
* The Princess and the Pea
* The Frog Prince (err, the frog grandma hehehe)
* Sleeping Beauty
well, some of those are not from the grimm brothers but what the heck lol... i'm not familiar with the other fairy tales (folk tales) but there are loads of them i bet... hahahah and with that, today, i am several hundred pesos poorer coz i also went to Shopwise to buy some food for tomorrow's clinical duty...

... anyway, peeps, i have to go... and yeah, Friendster has a new look....

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